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Our clients come to us because of our extensive experience working with hedge funds of all sizes.

Our team of experts thoroughly understand the world of investment management. We know hedge funds are more regulated than other asset managers and, in order to serve the very specific requirements that hedge funds have for their websites, we’ve created Copia CMS, a website content management system.

Publish fund performance

Qualified investors are usually the only people who have access to hedge fund data and information, meaning it’s often behind a secure login. The highly regulated nature of hedge funds means that, in many cases, information needs to be locked away.

With a Copia hedge fund website you can choose to allow people to request access online by completing a short form or a full due diligence questionnaire. Answers to your questions are then emailed to you, allowing you to decide whether to accept or decline the request for access.

Our websites allow you to protect content with disclaimers, IP-detection and login screens – all with just a few clicks.

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At Copia, we can implement disclaimers to protect your whole website or just certain types of content, depending on the preferences and needs of your business.

We can also implement risk warnings through Copia’s CMS, which lets you control access to your website using disclaimers and gateway pages. We also deliver audit logs as you require them, capturing content changes with a historical record of page content.

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Pitch decks and factsheets

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Copia will also assist you with general design work, such as pitch decks, and we also offer the bespoke creation of fund factsheets.

Whether you’re looking to improve or redesign your fund factsheet, or you simply require an ongoing production service to look after your monthly factsheet updates, we are happy to help.

Factsheet design pages Factsheet design pages

If you’re looking for expert advice on your hedge fund website get in touch.