Online fund reporting

Content Management Systems (CMS) enable you to publish and manage content and other information on your website.

With Copia’s support your website will be compliant while still being interactive and engaging. Our CMS is uniquely designed for asset management firms and with just a few clicks you can publish fund data, track investor access and manage compliance.

Data import and visualisation

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Our CMS makes importing data quick and easy. We can integrate with your internal systems or connect to your fund administrator’s systems, depending on your preferences. For example, whenever you upload a spreadsheet, all the related charts and tables on your website instantly update.

It doesn’t matter how many funds and share classes you have, in minutes your website will be completely up-to-date with the latest performance and attribution data.

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Copia also offers interactive charting and live updating. If you want to completely automate the website update process Copia can connect directly to your internal reporting system, whether it’s SQL and API or fed from your fund administrator.

We work with you to integrate your website seamlessly with all existing processes. We also use the latest web technology and charting libraries to make your fund data interactive. Our CMS lets visitors to your website easily adjust charts and data to reflect the timescales, formats or benchmarks they require.

Disclaimers and risk warnings

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Disclaimers and risk warnings are very important for compliance, with the ability to block people based on their location and the type of investor they are, and show them different content if necessary. 

Copia’s CMS lets you control access to your website using disclaimers and gateway pages. Tools include simple disclaimers, investor self-certification questions, IP detection for geolocation, login areas or combinations of all of these to segment users and deliver appropriate content to each group.

Easy-to-define control levels allow you to decide which pages, files and fund data will be available to each type of investor.

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Our login areas are highly secure, with our service offering data rooms and the protection of documents and data. We also produce read-only documents so they can’t be downloaded. 

Our clients can use the CMS to create secure login areas for clients to see fund performance and download documents. The flexible permissions system permits you to determine the information shown to prospects, investors, administrators and other parties.

An optional registration form allows investors and potential investors to request further access, which you can then approve or decline within the CMS.

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Investor analytics

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Keeping track of who uses your website allows you to measure its effectiveness so you actively market your funds or products to the right people, in the right way, at the right moment.

We can offer advanced analytics to our customers because the investor has either logged in or checked certain boxes on the disclaimer. We then know what type of investor is browsing the pages and what information they are most interested in.

Implementing a website login area or a bespoke data capture form helps you to put a name to each visitor. Once that visitor has been identified you can track how many times they’ve visited, which pages they’ve viewed and any documents they choose to download.

Armed with these insights, you can tailor your follow-up to investors pinpointing the funds or products they’ve shown interest in.

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