IR Website Regulations Webinar With the London Stock Exchange

We collaborated with the London Stock Exchange and two other Marketplace members to discuss the regulations involved when building an IR website on a recent webinar.

Watch this webinar to hear from our Managing Director, Sam Bell and fellow London Stock Exchange Marketplace Members Equitory and MZ Group discuss the regulations involved when building an investor relations website.

In this webinar, the panel will provide insights into the main regulations every company has to follow, such as GDPR, accessibility, and information security before taking a deeper dive into some of the regulations that apply to public companies and their IR websites.

The panellists also look at some of the rules that are specifically applicable to companies listed on AIM and how you can make sure your website follows best practices around corporate governance.

Register and watch the webinar here –


We’ve created an IR website checklist for you to use to make sure your website is compliant with the relevant regulations.

If you’d like help with making your existing IR website or a new website compliant, please get in touch with our team today and we’d be happy to help.