Photography and videography

Copia’s photography and videography work includes a full service should your company require it.

We will deliver the whole project for you, from the storyboard and plan stage to shooting the actual photos or video, and finally editing the images or footage to create your desired result.

Headshots and team photos

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We can deliver staff headshots and team photos to demonstrate your organisation’s strong working culture and show employees in context. Our experienced photographers and art directors will work with you to create the result you desire.

We’re happy to come to you, whether you’d like the shots to take place at your offices, on location or in a studio depending on your desired outcome.

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With our extensive videography expertise, we can deliver the video solutions you are looking for.

Our offering includes product videos, ‘how to’ videos, office tours and site tours as well as talking head videos, interviewing staff members, for example the CEO sharing thoughts about ethos and the company’s mission statement. We can also create promotional videos about the company and social media video content.

Professional video camera equipment Professional video camera equipment

We are proud to offer a full service so we can take the footage away to edit it into your desired result, including sourcing appropriate stock videos where needed.

Event live-streaming

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Copia knows that a huge amount of work goes into planning and running events, so we offer a reliable event live-streaming service so you can rest assured we will have it covered on the big day. We deliver HD and 4K filming as well as low latency streaming, and we’re happy to cover any of your event needs, from AGMs and corporate events to media briefings.

Close up image of camera lense Close up image of camera lense

If you’re looking for expert advice on your photography and videography get in touch.